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Introduction of Toni Faddis

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A Guerra’s Journey: From Oblivious to Mindful

How does one become equity-minded? Dr. Toni Faddis, educator and author, explores the complex world of equity through her journey as an educator. Her talk encourages us to widen the perspective and understanding​ of equity.

About Toni Faddis

Toni Faddis, Ed.D. has served as a public-school educator for the past twenty-five years as a teacher, principal, and district leader. She is also a faculty member of the Educational Leadership Department at San Diego State University, teaching courses on ethical leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills to teachers who aspire to become school principals. Toni has a wealth of experience and knowledge as a learning leader. For 13 years she was principal of two schools close to the United States/Mexico border and established strong, collaborative teacher teams that resulted in improved content delivery, greater student achievement, and increased teacher self-efficacy. As a district leader, Toni coaches and supports aspiring, novice, and veteran administrators.

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