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Humorous• Stress Reduction Authority

Laugher becomes you. ” 



Introduction of Tim Gard

Want to learn about Tim Gard journey to the TEDx red circle? Listen to the MY TALK JOURNEY podcast. TEDxChulaVista host Antwon Lincoln and Speaking Coach of Tim Gard of discuss the process of giving a TED talk with journey. 

The Laughter Connection

How does humor serve as a way to connect people? Tim Gard, humorist explores the complexity of humor. Through creative storytelling, Tim connects the audience to the core purpose of humor and how it connects us all for a bigger purpose.

About Tim Gard

Tim Gard is a motivational speaker and humorist who customizes his message to inspire people through positivity and humor. Gard brings 20 years of public speaking experience and has consistently led individuals, groups, and organizations around the globe to learn through laughing. Gard has worked with teams and individuals from diverse industries and companies using Comic Vision to reduce stress and fatigue within the workforce. He emphasizes the importance of optimism and cooperation for work teams, arguing that these attitudes foster problem-solving skills, teamwork, and productivity. Specifically focusing on humor as a vital skill in work and life, Gard is a speaker who motivates and inspires audiences through his message of embracing positivity and eliminating negativity.

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“An idea is anything that can change how people see the world. If you can conjure up a compelling idea in people’s minds, you have done something wondrous. You have given them a gift of incalculable value. In a very real sense, a little piece of you has become part of them.”

Chris J. Anderson – TED Organization

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