Steph Johnson

Singer•Artistic Director of Voices of Our City Choir

What’s this thing in the air that I can not describe…What’s my purpose? ” 



Introduction of Steph Johnson

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Live Life With Full intention

How can one amplify one’s voice to help others in need? Recording artist and founder of Voices of City Choir Steph Johnson shares the journey of giving a voice to the unsheltered. Her journey is daring and heartfelt look into sharing a platform with those who are forgotten.

About Steph Johnson

Steph Johnson is and recording Jazz recording artist and the Executive and Artistic Director of the Voices of Our City Choir. Her warmth and caring spirit, combined with her soulful musical virtuosity, creates a unique and dynamic sound that has proven her to be an incredibly engaging performer, songwriter and community leader.

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“An idea is anything that can change how people see the world. If you can conjure up a compelling idea in people’s minds, you have done something wondrous. You have given them a gift of incalculable value. In a very real sense, a little piece of you has become part of them.”

Chris J. Anderson – TED Organization

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