Use this page to schedule an interview with the TEDx Team

Interview Questions:

Tell us something about yourself that we do not know that will help us to learn more about you.
What idea do you have worth sharing with our audience and the world?
What are your qualifications to share your message/idea?
Our theme is “Shift Into Awareness,” what does the theme mean to you and how explicitly does your talk fit with the theme.
What is unique about your message/idea?
Delivering a successful TED TALK is an amazing experience and responsibility. Before you stand in the “Red Circle,” it is essential to know what impact you desire. Please be prepared to discuss the effect you would like your TED TALK to have.
Speakers will be required to collaborate with a “speaker coach.” You and your assigned coach will work on the shaping of your talk. How will you contribute to this process?
Please share your speaking experience with large and small audiences.


On the day of your scheduled interview click on the button on the side. You will need to follow the online instruction to gain access. We encourage you to test out your computer 30 minutes prior your scheduled time to address any technical issues.
IMPORTANT: To access the site you will need a password. The password is “shift” 

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