Silvia Mah

CONNECT San Diego and founding partner of Ad Astra Ventures

It takes a village to change a community! ” 



Introduction of Silvia Mah

Want to learn about Silvia Mah journey to the TEDx red circle? Listen to the MY TALK JOURNEY podcast. TEDxChulaVista host Antwon Lincoln and Speaking Coach of Silvia Mah of discuss the process of giving a TED talk with journey. 

Getting to Even

What does it take to get even representation at the venture capitalist table? Silva Mah has made a commitment to closing the funding gap between male and female startups founders. Her talk focus on creating opportunities for female, and people of color to thrive in the entrepreneur world.

About Silvia Mah

Dr. Silvia Mah, PhD, MBA, is the new President of CONNECT San Diego and founding partner of Ad Astra Ventures, that aims to “get to even” for high achieving women. Dr. Mah also serves as Executive Director of Hera Labs, an accelerator for women-owned businesses; founding member of Hera Angels, a female angel investment group; Investment Committee member of Next Wave Impact, a social impact venture fund; and an angel investor to over 30 startups who have diverse founders on the leadership team. Dr. Mah’s own success includes producing a globally-recognized podcast, She Invests!, highlighting the investment journeys of female angel investors and venture capitalists; serving for 2 years as the Student Programs Diversity Director at the Office of Innovation and Commercialization’s The Basement, a technology accelerator for undergraduate startups at UCSD; & Fund Manager for the San Diego Angel Conference, a new angel fund to activate regional capital from aspiring and existing angel investors. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Dr. Mah believes in integrating family and work to create a lifestyle that serves both with a strong cup of integrity.

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