Sandra Scheller

Second Generation Holocaust Survivor

If you think we sat around and talked about the Holocaust you are mistaken. ” 



Introduction of Sandra Scheller

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Keeping Memories Alive

How does one keep family memories alive? After the passing of her mother, Ruth Sax a Holocaust Survivor, daughter Sandra Scheller was tasked with the complex responsibility of keeping her mother’s memory alive of determination and strength to never forget the inhumanity of the Holocaust.

About Sandra Scheller

Sandra Scheller, a Chula Vista native and second generation holocaust survivor, has been a professional mime on television shows, flamenco dancer, and pantomime teacher at Chula Vista School of Creative & Performing Arts and Grossmont College. In 1994, she met The Flying Cranes Aerial Ballet from Moscow, a group that she has managed for 24 years. Afterward, Sandra began working for Cirque Du Soleil and Cirque Du Monde. She returned to her native Chula Vista to spend more time with her mother, Ruth Sax, a holocaust survivor, and wrote the story “Try to Remember-Never Forget.” With her mother, Sandra visited schools to talk about the holocaust and created panels about it, including San Diego Comic-Con “Art During the Holocaust.” Ruth passed in December 2018, so Sandra created a documentary to continue telling Ruth’s story. Sandra continues visiting schools and organizations and still works for The Flying Cranes.

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