Joy Clausen-Soto

Documentary filmmaker

You can not control the moments in your life. But if you look hard enough you can see the beauty in those moments. ” 



Introduction of Joy Clausen-Soto

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My Journey Through Cancer as a Documentary Filmmaker

What does one do when diagnosed with Cancer? For a documentary filmmaker, Joy Clausen-Soto picked up her camera and documented it. Joy Clausen-Soto shares her courage, yet the vulnerable road to recovery. Joy gives in this heartfelt talk on the complexity of getting the document to share her story.

About Joy Clausen-Soto

Joy Clausen Soto is a cancer survivor, documentary filmmaker and public speaker. Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 25 years, she was forced to drop out of film school. Joy survived and decided to film a documentary on her ordeal. The film has been viewed at film festivals and has won several awards. Her story has likewise been featured in many media organizations, including ABC, NBC, and KPBS. Joy founded a program ten years ago at SeaWorld San Diego that brings kids with cancer from both Rady Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to the theme park where they can meet a dolphin. Joy continues to share her story in hopes of helping other people who are faced with similar challenges.

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“An idea is anything that can change how people see the world. If you can conjure up a compelling idea in people’s minds, you have done something wondrous. You have given them a gift of incalculable value. In a very real sense, a little piece of you has become part of them.”

Chris J. Anderson – TED Organization

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