Dr. Gina Paige

Entrepreneur, founder of AfricanAncestry.com

…the original victim of identity theft.” ” 



Introduction of Dr. Gina Paige

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Recovering the Pieces of the Identity Puzzle

Who are the original people of identity theft? In the day where technology is helping people discover distant family members and family origins, DNA has become a vital tool for families to fill in missing puzzle pieces of origin. But what happens when one does not have the complete puzzle? Dr. Gina Paige discovers the complexity of finding pieces for African Americans.

About Dr. Gina Paige

Dr. Gina Paige is an entrepreneur founder of “Pik-A-Pak” Care Packages, GPG Strategic Marketing Resources, and co-founder of African Ancestry, Inc. A celebrity known to find the roots of celebrities, Paige travels the world to help people understand their DNA roots. Paige has served as speaker for companies such as McDonalds and The Walt Disney Company among others. She has appeared in hundreds of media outlets, including Hot 97-FM, Time Magazine, 60 Minutes, FOX Business News, and Reuters. Her work is featured in PBS’ Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and African American Lives 1 & 2, The Africa Channel, NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? CNN’s Black in America. She holds an Honorary Ph.D. in Philosophy from Global Oved Dei Seminary University, an MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University. How does one re-trace ancestry when recorded history has excluded you? Where does one start? Dr. Gina Paige, the co-founder of AfricanAncestry.com, uncovers some of the challenges of discovering one’s DNA history.

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